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Director of Ministries, Lisa Green



Announcement Ministry

Fran Grant, Ministry Leader – Ministry email:

Announcers give the formal welcome to visitors during worship services and let them know that the doors at Greater Progressive are always open to them. 


Beautification Ministry

Ca’Saundra Johnson, Ministry Leader – Ministry email:

The Beautification Ministry provides decorations and flower arrangements to enhance the sanctuary for worship and special services or events.


Benevolence Ministry

Peggy Hayes, Ministry Leader – Ministry email:

The Benevolence Ministry has been established to provide assistance to members of Greater Progressive and the community when the assistance is likely to be effective in helping the applicant on the road to a long-term solution to his or her hardships.

The ministry also looks for the opportunity to witness and share the gift of salvation with those who are unsaved.


Condolence Care Ministry

Antuane Nelson, Condolence Clerk – Ministry email:

To assist bereaved families by offering services that include reading the obituaries, acknowledging condolence letters from various churches, organizations and others. To provide service by faxing condolence letters throughout the community or out of state, and ordering blankets and flowers as memorial tokens. GPBC members are encouraged to notify the church office or Condolence Care immediately when they experience a death in their family.


Couples Ministry

Deacon Wyman & Tonya Ashford, Ministry  LeadersMinistry email:

The Couples Ministry enriches, encourages, and equips couples to have spiritual and Godly lifestyles based on biblical principles and instructions.


Daughters of Royalty

Ministry email:

To provide Bible-based knowledge to prepare young girls for life, incorporating various teaching activities and a strong support network of role models


Evangelism Outreach Ministry

Mary Johnson, Ministry Leader – Ministry email:

To evangelize to as many as possible by explaining the simple “ABC” steps required to receive the gift of salvation through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ministry members often schedule evangelism outings where GPBC members go out in teams to witness and keep records of the outreach efforts, which includes using cards to invite people to GPBC. The ministry provides classes during the Sunday School hour, designed to encourage believers to engage in ongoing evangelism. This ministry also has an extension called a Spiritual Response Team that is designed to respond within 72 hours to sites of violence to pray for peace, healing and reconciliation.


Fitness and Fellowship Ministry

CaSaundra Johnson, Ministry Leader – Ministry email:

The ministry meets twice a month to learn and practice popular dance routines, such as slides, in a fun, but Christian atmosphere that includes beginning and closing the evening with prayer. The fellowship enhances the opportunity to increase unity and friendships among church members and also guests.


Greeters Ministry

Fran Grant, Ministry Leader –  Ministry email:

To fully staff the ministry with motivated, warm personalities for all services and events at GPBC. In addition to passing out bulletins, Greeters can help answer basic questions visitors or members have or direct them to the appropriate people.


Health & Wellness Ministry

Dr. Michelle Collins-Austin, Ministry Leader – Ministry email:

To provide ongoing educational seminars and provide direct access to a variety of healthcare professionals. The ministry will offer blood pressure screenings to the congregation on a regular basis. It will partner with various local organizations to maximize resources that will allow individuals to improve their health.


Kitchen Ministry

Pam McBride, Ministry Leader – Ministry email:

The Kitchen Ministry will assist the church by working with staff or event committees to provide refreshments or meals prepared and served with volunteers who are adequately trained in areas including safety and sanitation.


Media Ministry

Minister Scott Bent, Ministry Leader – ministry email:

The Media Ministry helps provide CDs for sale after worship services, helps inform the news media of GPBC events and helps provide information distributed electronically, including through the church Web site and Facebook page.


Men of Honor

Ministry Teacher: Pastor Anthony Pettus

For information, contact Deacon David Foster at (260) 744-6235 

Ministry email:

To increase the spiritual foundation of men through regular Bible study and their ability to practice the principles.



Money Wise Ministry

Sheila Alexander, Ministry Leader – Ministry  

To help every individual and family become good stewards of the financial resources God blesses them with.


Music & Arts Department

Minister Eric Coates, Director  – Ministry email:

The Music Ministry includes the Adult Choir, Youth Choir and a Praise & Worship Team. Ministry members must be prepared to sing during worship services at Greater Progressive, but also at other churches – often supporting the Pastor who is frequently called to be a guest preacher. The ministry provides music at funerals and for some other occasions requested.


New Members

Vernette Williams, Ministry Leader – Ministry Email:

To provide information and instruction in areas such as the fundamentals of faith, supporting the Pastor’s vision, and being obedient to God by financially supporting the church through tithes and offering. The ministry will also help members identify their God-given gifts and understand the importance of being active in ministry.


Nursery Ministry

Anette Clem, Ministry Leader – Ministry email:

To provide and develop a staff of volunteers trained in basic child development who can offer safe care for infants and young children during worship services and occasional special events.


Nurses Ministry

Debra Moore, Ministry Leader – Ministry email:

To serve the Pastor and help ensure his comfort before and after preaching. The ministry also provides assistance and care to others who have basic health needs, relying on ministry volunteers who are appropriately trained, but also knowledgeable about when to call for other medical professionals.


Photography Ministry

Ministry email:

The Photography Ministry supports Greater Progressive Baptist Church through photography, seeking to record and preserve the history of the church by the use of pictures and some video. Honor requests to photograph ministry events without disruption of services.


Progressive Press

Ministry email:

The Progressive Press shares church news with the congregation and community. The information typically consists of events and news that happen within Greater Progressive or involves members of the church. The newsletter is available in print form on the 1st Sunday of each month and available via email through subscription the 1st day of each month.


Save Our Sons

Ministry email:

S.O.S. provides Bible-based knowledge to prepare young males for life, incorporating various teaching activities and a strong support network of Christian role models.


Sick and Shut In

Deacon Aaron Jones, Ministry Leader – Ministry

To provide a personal touch and minister through calls, cards, prayer and offering communion to ensure that members continue to feel part of Greater Progressive – even during seasons of illness or life changes that prevent them from worshipping with their church family.


Sound /Video Ministry

Minister Germarcus King, Ministry Leader – Ministry email:

To develop and train ministry participants to always ensure high quality audio and video. The ministry will check and test equipment and sound levels at least 30 minutes prior to worship or other services, enabling quality from the start that is maintained throughout by volunteers who remain attentive and are quickly able to respond and adjust according to the program, the speakers, the choir.


Today’s Leading Ladies

Helen Starks, Ministry Leader – Ministry email: 

Today’s Leading Ladies plans and implements programs that minister to the unique needs of women in our church and community. Activities are designed to strengthen and expand the Kingdom of God by promoting spiritual growth and maturity, personal development and corporate responsibility.


Transportation Ministry

LaMotte Price, Ministry Leader – Ministry email:

The Transportation Ministry provides service for individuals who would not otherwise be able to attend Sunday worship services or Bible studies. To schedule pickup, contact the church office at 744-6235 by 12:00 p.m. (Noon) on Tuesday for Wednesday night Bible Study or by 2:00 p.m. Friday for Sunday services. Ministry volunteers also frequently provide transportation for church and choir members for other activities away from the church, such as out-of town speaking engagements the Pastor has.


Ushers Ministry

Tim Hardy, Ministry Leader – Ministry email:

The Ushers Ministry helps welcomes visitors and members to the church and can assist people in finding seating and answering basic questions. Members of this ministry also help direct the flow of givers during the offering and provide other direction as necessary, including helping to limit walking during the reading of scripture or prayer. The Ushers Ministry trains and develops youth to serve on a regular basis.


Women of Wisdom

Jean Bass, Ministry Leader – Ministry email:

Women of Wisdom promote love and compassion to seniors in the church and community. The ministry helps members strengthen each other spiritually, offers assistance to other seniors with practical needs; and shares the wisdom that God has invested in them through their many years of service.



Andrenette Lee Montgomer, Alicia O’Neal, andGermarcus King, Youth Leaders – Ministry email:

Y-LIFE focuses on youth in grades 6th through 12th, meeting regularly to teach biblical principles that will build their faith as they develop into mature Christians. The ministry provides a safe forum for discussing challenges and a positive support system.

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